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As the pandemic as made live theater challenging we are committed to continuing our programs that bring the arts to a new generation.  Our programs are dedicated to enriching the creativity, problem solving skills and imagination of its participants. We hope you continue to support us!

Script Writing Workshop/ Annual Playwrights Festival

This program is designed to encourage a new generation of storytellers that embrace there own unique cultural experience.  That can learn to take provocative ideas and transform them into imaginative inventions that embrace audiences of every background.


Music Writing Course

From online instrumental lessons or voice lessons to music writing workshops. Most of our public presentations include original music created and arranged by members of Excellent Productions. We have been historically known as a haven for artist to develop their talent.  Let us work with you on lyrics, melody or dynamics. 

Making Music

Musical Theater

Twice a year we hold open auditions for artist of all types where members and the community at large can brings their gifts together to create an original on stage or film production.  To audition or participate onstage or backstage email:


Emerging Writers Program

Music Imagined


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