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The mission of the Development of a Square Program is to cultivate in the children a sense of morality, intellectual development, self-discipline, wise decision-making, and faith-based consciousness.


This program was created and developed byDr. Matthew L. Jones and is designed to help community children become wholesome and whole individuals through strategic instruction in the areas of education, recreation, economics, and spirituality and thereby affect a positive change in the community and even the world as these individuals move into the communities world-wide. 

Active in the community for almost two decades, Excellent Productions is an artist cooperative developed to establish a safe environment where talents can be perfected.  Their mission is to create a platform for artist throughout Maryland that promotes the tradition of the Arts in America by cultivating artistic excellence; encouraging new initiatives through programs that discern the talents of emerging artist; while nurturing  a community for new work and advocating for a non-discriminate voice, on stage and in film!


 We hold classes throughout the year for acting, script writing, music & dance.  For More information about our upcoming projects/ please call 443-621-1668.  Or you can email  Information may also be located on this websites calendar or you can visit the program site at

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