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The Santa Claus Collector

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Happy Holidays to the Cast of the Santa Claus Collector,

10 17 2021 Revisions to Scene 7 thru 11
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I am pleased to announce that Act I of the “Santa Claus Collector is voted best play. I am very happy and thank all who voted for the play.

Rehearsals for Act II of the “The Santa Claus Collector” will be held starting next week. A copy of the scenes 7-11 and cast of characters can be accessed via the Concord Community Development Corporation website ( Please let me know if a Copy should be emailed to you.

Rehearsals Thursdays, November 4 and 11st at 7 p.m., via zoom telephone 811 9076 4525.

Contact me if you are not able to attend the rehearsals.

F. Marlene Jones

443 220 8768 cell

The Santa Claus Collector

Cast of Characters

Samantha Jean Roberts African -American woman Joan Dixon

Ann Granddaughter--juvenile Ckiyah Williams

Mary Granddaughter—juvenile Treasure Bethea

Molly Samantha daughter Pamela Bailey

Helen Bowen African-American woman Ramona Jones-McClain

Santa Claus Talking male figurine Elisha Austin

Pastor Williams African-American Male Elisha Austin

Bruce Adult Son of Samantha Jean Hosea Addison

Curtis Adult Son of Samantha Jean Isaiah Addison

Franklin Roberts Sam’s deceased Husband James Williams


This is the Cast member group for the Stageplay "The Santa C...


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