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Hello everyone! We are rehearsing Friday at 6:30pm & we hope to see you all!

We’ve been invited to 2 events recently. One is this Saturday from 10am-4pm, we’ll arrive at 12pm. The other is November 20th, I’ll have more info regarding that soon. I need a count so please let me know if you’re planning to attend.

We will perform at the Reisterstown Festival on Saturday September 11th at 3pm. Please be at Concord Baptist church by 1:30pm to be transported to Hannah Moore Park. Face shields are required and will be distributed at the church before we leave. Mask when not performing will also be a good idea. Attire is our blue t-shirts and red pants. Red, white, or black tennis shoes. Hair should not be hanging. Boys can wear jeans or shorts.

We will remain after to enjoy the festival some. Children should have at least $20 for food/games. The van will leave the festival at 7pm, unless you have alternate transportation. If you have any questions please contact Ramona or Renaya.



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